GENERAL POLICY- The resident agrees to following:

  1. A key fee is non-refundable and due upon initial registration approval.
  2. Proof of vehicle/boat ownership and current State registration documents must be provided as part of registration process
  3. Keys are non-transferable and will be confiscated if given to others.
  4. All items must be in working order and licensed vehicles or vessels must have current State registration and tags.
  5. Spaces are for storage of registered vehicles or vessels only and shall not be used for storage of other items (e.g. extra wheels and tires).
  6. The RV lot is to be used for only SRV Manager approved recreational vehicles. The SRV Manager reserves the right to revoke permission to access and/or park in the RV lot, without cause.
  7. Assignment of open spaces shall be first come first serve.
  8. A second space for the same lot owner(s) is available only as long as there is no waiting list for first spaces, and must be vacated in reverse chronological order of assignment as the demand for first spaces requires.
  9. A separate registration form is required for each vehicle or vessel.
  10. The SRV Manager has the right to relocate space assignments as necessary to ensure efficient use of the RV lot.
  11. Only vehicles and vessels registered to SRV owners are allowed.
  12. Spaces are assigned to a specific registered vehicle or vessel and not to the owner; spaces cannot be transferred; spaces cannot be retained absent ownership of a registered vehicle or vessel.
  13. All vehicles and vessels must be registered with and reside in space assigned by the SRV Manager.
  14. All vehicles and vessels must display a valid Sunrise Village decal in a visible location.
  15. SRV Manager reserves the right at above named Owners’ expense and risk, to remove and dispose of any vehicle, trailer, or item without a current decal or which authorization has been revoked, at anytime and without prior notice.
  16. Sunrise Village Association is not responsible for any damage or loss that may be incurred while the vehicle, vessel parked in the RV lot.
  17. Resident’s shall keep gate locked except when tending to, parking or removing vehicle, trailer or item.
  18. Vehicles, or vessels shall not be covered with blue or bright colored tarps (however white is acceptable).
  19. Items must be parked entirely within the assigned space as near the back fence as possible.
  20. If another has taken your space, park in the lodge parking lot, then notify the Office of the offending decal number and offended space DURING BUSINESS HOURS.
  21. RV’s will be limited not to exceed shortest side length of space (in case of diagonal frontage)
  22. Trailer assignments will be limited not to exceed average length of space (in case of diagonal frontage).