How to Rent the SRV Lodge:

Step 1) Check the calendar:

Contact Fieldstone if you need login information 541-385-7799 or [email protected]

Step 2)  Print the form on the SRV website or request a form from Fieldstone [email protected]

Step 3)  Read the entire Lodge Use Agreement.

Step 4)  Drop a signed copy of pages 3, 4, & 5 and two checks ($100 lodge rental fee-$75 cleaning deposit) in the SRV mailbox at the Mail House or send to Fieldstone Management LLC., 563 SW 13th, Suite 101, Bend, OR 97702.  Once we received the Lodge Use Agreement and the two checks, we will reserve the lodge date requested.  The $100 lodge rental fee check will be processed. The $75 cleaning fee deposit will be held until after the event.  This check will be shredded if the lodge is left clean and there is no damage to the lodge that needs to be repaired. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are requesting a lodge reservation for a group of 12 or less, there is NO lodge fee required with your paperwork.  You do, however, have to submit a $75 cleaning check.  This check will be shredded if the lodge is left clean and no damage occurs.  If you have an event with 25 or less attendees, you may submit a request to the Board of Directors to have the lodge fee waived.  Please plan accordingly.  The Board meets monthly, on the second Thursday of every month and approvals for waivers of this fee are only addressed at these monthly board meetings.

Step 5)  A few days prior to your event, call the SRV managing agent (541-385-7799) for the code to the front door of the lodge. Please do not engage the deadbolt on the lodge front door after the event.

Thank you! 

Lodge Rental does not include pool use for guests!

Please note that the SRV Lodge is not available for commercial or political events.