The Sunrise Village Board of Directors (BOD) consists of five homeowner volunteers who are elected by the Homeowners Association. Each year at the Homeowners Annual Meeting 2 or 3 new members are voted in for alternating 2-years terms, maintaining continuity from year to year. At the first BOD meeting after the election, the Board chooses officers.

The 2023-2024 Board of Directors are:

President: Kevin Keillor
Vice President: Doug Williams
Treasurer: Rob Costello
Secretary: Greg Klecker
Facilities: Jim Prehoda

The BOD meets in open session once a month every second Thursday to conduct the business of the Association; homeowners are always welcome. For information on the powers, duties and responsibilities of the Board please see “Bylaws” under “Governing Documents” in this section.

2023 SRV Board Meeting Schedule