The Architectural Review Committee is a group of four homeowners and an alternate volunteer members appointed by the Board of Directors.  The alternates have full voting privileges in the absence of one of the regular members.  A regular member’s term expires after three years.  The committee reviews and enforces the rules, regulations & procedures that govern the exterior of homes & their landscape in Sunrise Village.

The current ARC members are: Cliff Joyce, Mary Hunstman, Jacquie Sebulsky and Kristian Willman .

Fieldstone Management is tasked with handling the affairs of the ARC committee.  Please communicate all ARC related matters with the management by phone 541.385.7799 or by email [email protected]

How do I know if I need an ARC Approval of my project?

Any substantive change to the exterior of your home or landscaping must have an ARC approval.   For additional detailed information regarding  specific projects and the review process please click  ARC Rules & Guidelines link below.  Here is a partial list of common projects that need ARC approval.

  • Painting your home (even the same color)
  • Installing a basketball hoop, zip Line, trampoline or play structure
  • Removing trees larger than 6″ in diameter at chest height
  • Replacing your roof
  • Adding landscape or creating berms

To start your exterior home project, submit an ARC Request Form at least ten days prior to the monthly ARC meetings, which are posted on the events calendar.