The forested feeling of Sunrise Village is a large part of the reason many of us live in this community.  It is our goal to keep as much of that in place as possible.  Any tree cutting on an owners’ private lot must be approved by the ARC committee prior to cutting any tree over 6” in diameter. No changes in Common Areas are permitted, including cutting or limbing of trees regardless of size, unless formal approval is received from the Board of Directors.

Reasons considered for permission to cut are as follows:

  • Dead trees
  • Trees deemed by an Arborist to be diseased and in the process of dying and/or infecting neighboring trees
  • Storm damaged trees
  • Trees too close together (less than 10 feet)
  • Trees extremely slanted
  • Trees damaging or endangering residence, septic tanks, drain fields, driveways, plumbing or utility lines
  • Trees too close to residence (less than 10’)

If permission is given to cut trees, the guidelines below are to be followed:

  1. Trees are to be marked with bright colored tape or ribbon, red, yellow or orange.
  2. Remove tree debris after cutting trees within 30 days
  3. Remove pine needle buildup from underneath old tree sites within 30 days
  4. Tree stumps must be removed or ground to below grade.  Tree removal company or homeowner must grind stumps down below grade or remove stumps.
  5. Restore area to natural look on an approved landscape plan
  6. Wood to be neatly stacked within 30 days of cutting trees to one central location.  Stacking location should not be along property lines nor closer than 10 to house.