How do I know if I need an ARC Approval of my project?

Any substantive change to the exterior of your home or landscaping must have an ARC approval.   For additional detailed information regarding  specific projects and the review process please click  ARC Rules & Guidelines link below.  Here is a partial list of common projects that need ARC approval.  – Painting your home (even the same color), – installing a basketball hoop, zip Line, trampoline or play structure, – removing trees larger than 6″ in diameter at chest height,  – replacing your roof,  – adding landscape berms.   If you have questions and have reviewed the ARC Rules & Guidelines (see link below) please contact the manager or to be safe follow the steps below and request an ARC review.

  • For landscape requests please add a simple drawing that shows where the changes will be made in relation to your home.
  • For tree removal projects please tie flagging tape around each tree you would like to remove.

 Where do I submit my ARC request?

  • ARC requests can be emailed to [email protected] (Please enter SRV ARC REQUEST in the subject line), or deposit at the drop box at the mail house.

 Where do I know if my ARC request has been received?

  • In the ARC drop down menu on this website, select Pending ARC Agenda. You will be required to provide a password–which can be requested from management–to view all the pending ARC requests we have received and will be forwarding to the ARC.  Requests will be updated twice a week.

 How do I prepare to submit my construction project to the ARC?

  • Main floor level limited to a maximum of 25% of the total lot square footage. Second floor square footage is limited to a maximum of 8% of lot square footage.
  • Two paper sets of working construction plans with elevations, site plan, SRV setbacks
  • Proposed construction and affected property lines should be staked and strung out so the ARC committee members can walk on the property and visually see how the proposed construction will fit on the lot.
  • Samples of materials to be used may be required if they are not the generally accepted for Sunrise Village. Examples may be siding, roofing, stonework, pavers, windows, trim, etc. (See ARC Guidelines for generally accepted building materials.)
  • See page 19 of the ARC Guidelines for the full submission checklist.