Please take the time to carefully read the following Pool/Spa information. Compliance with the current policies and rules assures all Sunrise Village property owners continued use and enjoyment of the facilities.

The summer hours for the Pool/Spa are from 8am to 10pm

The winter hours for the Pool/Spa are from 8am to 10am and 4pm to 6pm


  • The pool/spa may be used by property owners, their dependents, and guests. All other persons found using the facilities will be deemed to be trespassers and will be treated accordingly.
  • Dependents of a property owner may not have more than 4 guests on any given occasion without the property owner being present. Property owners and tenants may have 8 guests. Multiple sponsorship to circumvent this rule will not be permitted. Property owners are responsible for the behavior of their dependents and guests.
  • Pool parties require advanced approval from the office and are limited to 12 guests.
  • NO SMOKING at all!
  • Children under fourteen (14) years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Cleansing shower required before entering the pools.
  • No children under three (3) years of age are permitted in the spa. No babies!
  • Pools are not to be used by persons with communicable diseases or open sores.
  • Bathing suits are required dress for the pool/spa. (Persons wearing wet swim are prohibited from using the lodge.)
  • Food, gum and glass items are to be kept away from the sauna, pool, spa surrounding concrete deck area.
  • No pets within the fenced area.
  • No running or dangerous play in the pool area.
  • No use of skateboards, scooters, bikes, rollerblades, or wheeled vehicles in the fenced area.
  • No kayaks or paddles in the pool.
  • No diving or dunking.
  • Foul language will not be tolerated.
  • No jumping into spa.

The conduct of any facility user or group of users may not infringe upon normal use and enjoyment of the facility by others. Violators will be warned and may be asked to leave. Repeat violations of the POOL RULES may result in loss of privileges.