How Does the Gate Work?

The gate is closed at all times, but will open automatically when you approach from 5AM to 10 PM. A gate code or remote device is required from 10 PM to 5 AM.

Any vehicle will automatically open the gate when leaving, by driving past a sensor as it travels down the hill toward the gate. You must drive slowly to allow time for the gate to open. Also, do not cut the corner, as the opening loop is located on the curve at the top of the hill. If the gate does not open, drive right up to it, where another sensor is located, and it should then open.

For our own purposes, each Sunrise Village household has their own entrance code. You can enter this into the system by touching the # (pound) key, followed by your four digit code. This will open the gate. The office has a list of all personal entry codes.

You can also activate the gate with a remote transmitter. This works like a garage door opener and you simply press the button as you approach the gate. Transmitters are available through the office and cost $60.

For those people who rent their homes, it is be up to you to inform your renter of the procedure for using the gate, or have them contact the office if they would like to have their name at the entry.

In order to maintain the integrity of our neighborhood security, we do ask that you please use discretion if you find it necessary to give out your security code. (A record of the codes used is kept as part of the security system.) Please don’t hesitate to call the office if you have any questions at all!

Both Gates will be locked open in the event of a snow or ice storm. 

You must be certain all family members and guests know how to use the gate or they cannot get in! Kevin will be happy to meet with you at the gate if you are uncertain of how to operate the gate. Just call the office for an appointment at (541) 385-7799.

SRV-SRV Gate Resident Instructions

Gate Accidents

To avoid misunderstandings and reduce the risk of accidents, the Board wishes to reiterate a long standing policy regarding mishaps with the gates. Whether you hit the gate or the gate hits you, you will be responsible for any and all damage, unless there is verifiable proof of a gate malfunction. Please approach the gates with care, as they are slow moving. When functioning properly, the gate may close as you pass through if you were not the one to cause the gate to open. In other words, if the gate is open prior to your approach, you should not assume that it will necessarily remain open as you pass through. Please be cautious and exercise good judgment.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. If you are involved in an accident with the gate, please note the day and time of the incident so that we can review the video recording of it. You will be provided an opportunity to meet with the Board to discuss damages.